Texas Avenue – Oak Ridge Road to Holden Avenue

Orange County

Orange County has plans to widen Texas Ave between Oak Ridge Road and Holden Ave. The county is also planning to add bike paths, wider sidewalks, new lighting, landscaping, curb and gutter inlets for drainage. Construction of Texas Avenue has been split into two segments: Segment 1 begins at Americana Boulevard and goes to South of Holden Avenue; Segment 2 begins South of Oak Ridge Road and goes to Americana Boulevard. Segment 1 has received funding and has begun making acquisition offers. Segment 2 will proceed by making acquisition offers when future funding is available. This project is currently in the Design phase which is expected to be completed by the end of July 2018. Construction for Segment 1 is scheduled to begin March 2019 and complete in March 2021; Segment 2 Construction has not yet been scheduled.

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Maguire Lassman, P.A., a Florida law firm that represents property owners faced with the potential acquisition of their property through eminent domain, has access to Orange County’s Right-of-Way maps. If you own property in Orange County that may be affected by the Texas Avenue – Oak Ridge Road to Holden Avenue expansion and you have any questions or concerns about Orange County’s recently released maps or Florida eminent domain law, please contact Maguire Lassman, P.A.’s office manager, Teri L. Alligood, by email at Teri@Maguire-EminentDomain.com or by telephone at (888) 216-6870.

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For a property owner list, project schedule, or detailed funding information:

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