What Would an Eminent Domain Attorney do that I Can’t do Myself?

Hello, my name is Raymer Maguire, I’m a 30 year eminent domain practitioner, and I limit my practice to representing property owners and businesses. And the question at hand is, what would an eminent domain attorney do that I can’t do myself? I consider an experienced eminent domain attorney like myself to be one-sixth eminent domain engineer – because I can deal with and manage quite effectively the eminent domain engineers that are often necessary for access and drainage issues, I also consider myself about one-sixth of an eminent domain appraiser – because I can put all the appraisals I’ve reviewed and depositions I’ve taken of appraisers, I can digest and show you the weak points and the strong points of an appraisal, and then I’m a real estate attorney – so same reason you’d go to a real estate attorney for a real estate transaction, you’d want to come through a real estate attorney like me, which is really an eminent domain attorney, but just a simplified version of a real estate attorney, and then lastly, I’m skilled at trying cases and negotiating and going to mediation. So, it is completely possible that on simpler eminent domain cases that a property owner could do all of those things. But, I would gather to say that it is in a rare case that it can be done as well as a eminent domain attorney that’s trained in all those matters and has a number of years of experience in doing it.