Should I Appeal my Real Estate Tax Assessment Before an Eminent Domain Taking?

Hello, my name is Raymer Maguire, I’m a 30 year eminent domain practitioner and I limit my practice to representing property owners and business owners. I don’t feel more strongly about any question posed to me in the videos on my website than this one. This question is, should I appeal my real estate tax assessment before an eminent domain taking? No, when you do that, you are going to be taking the position that your property is appraised too high. The property appraiser usually doesn’t appraise properties too high, at least compared to what the position is that I, or an eminent domain appraiser would contend that is it worth. You do not want to sign a notarized statement saying that your property is worth X because when the eminent domain taking occurs you’re not going to want that admission used against you, and it will be.