Should I Stop Taking Care of Condemned Property?

Hello, my name is Raymer Maguire, I’m a 30 year eminent domain practitioner, I limit my practice to representing property owners and businesses. The question at hand is, if I stop taking care of the condemned property, can that impact my case? Yes, definitely. I would tell you a short story here that a friend of my mother’s was told that the Western Beltway was gonna come through his property that had greenhouses on it. Ten years later it did come through. The man did not take care of the greenhouses, they went into disrepair. They were valued as if they were a piece of property with disrepaired greenhouses and he did not get the adequate and full value of the property as if he had taken care of them and rented them out for their normal use. Take care of your property, do everything you would do as if the eminent domain taking wasn’t occurring, and you’ll be in better shape in almost all instances.