What Impact Does an Eminent Domain Claim or Taking Have on Other Surrounding Properties?

My name is Raymer Maguire, I’m a 30 year practitioner in the area of eminent domain, and I limit my practice to representing property owners and business owners. The question at hand is, what impact does an eminent domain claim or taking have on other surrounding properties? One of the often worst things that can happen to a property owner is for the project to skirt their property and not actually take any of their property, because you will get the adverse effects of the limited access highway next to your property but you won’t have a claim because none of your property is being taken in most instances. So you can have a very bad effect there. In other instances there can be an improvement to the value of properties when a road is brought in and it’s adjacent to you, but it’s not a taking, but that is not as common as you would think. That question really is fact specific and you need to call my office or call the office of another eminent domain attorney with your specific fact situation.