What Should I Do if My Property is Subject to an Eminent Domain Taking?

Assuming that we’re talking about property being taken in Florida, my best advice is for you to hire an attorney, and here’s the reason: There are a large group of us property-oriented attorneys in the state of Florida that will do this at no charge to you when real property is taken. And, furthermore, the process is not usually a one-year event. Frankly, it takes about 10 years for the government to figure out what exactly they want to do up and down a road expansion project of theirs. It takes them about two years to acquire what they figured out they wanted to acquire, and then it takes two years to build it out. All during that time, you, the property owner, have got probably better things to do than to constantly worry about what’s happening to you and to worry about what the latest status is, as it changes during those 10 years. It’s better to put that on top of an attorney that is especially committed to gathering those facts and communicating to the property owner client of theirs.