Eminent Domain in 2017

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, most of us are well into our year-end “wrap-up” and our planning for the coming year. 2017 is already shaping up to be a busy year for my firm, Maguire-Lassman, P.A., as we have numerous eminent domain cases likely going to trial. My expectation is that the intensity of my firm’s 2017 schedule will be representative of Florida’s eminent domain docket as a whole.

As Florida’s population and economy are projected to continue to grow, Florida’s infrastructure will have to grow in like manner. An expanding infrastructure in 2017, means an expanding docket of eminent domain acquisitions. What does this mean for Florida property owners? It means, property owners need to pay attention in 2017!

Often the key to a property owner receiving a favorable financial outcome in an eminent domain case, is a property owner being pro-active. Be on the look-out for survey crews in your neighborhood. Pay attention to announcements for community forums on upcoming public projects. Attend those same community forums. Most importantly though, contact an eminent domain attorney, such as myself, as soon as you suspect your property may be the subject of an eminent domain taking.

My firm’s services are almost always free to the client and we never charge for an initial consultation. Don’t let your property rights fall by the wayside in 2017. Be proactive and protect your property rights by contacting Maguire Lassman, P.A..

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