Deep Community Roots

As I mentioned in a previous post, Florida has undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis over the past 50+ years. Starting in the mid to late 1960’s, Florida (Central Florida in particular) began to transform from a patchwork of orange groves and cattle pastures, to a budding hub of international tourism, commerce, and high density residential communities. This urban and suburban budding effect, has resulted in Florida going from a population of roughly five million in 1960 to a population of roughly twenty million today.

Throughout the entirety of my life, I have had the distinct privilege of being able to represent the fact that the Maguire family has been an active part of the Central Florida community throughout nearly all of Florida’s major changes. My grandfather’s family first moved to Central Florida in the late 1800’s. They settled along the shoreline of Lake Apopka (where my grandfather was actually born) and ever since then, the Maguires have had the absolute privilege of growing alongside the Central Florida community.

Why might my family history matter for someone looking to hire an eminent domain attorney? It’s simple – I understand and know the Central Florida community. My family’s long history in this community has afforded me the privilege of building a good rapport in both the private and public sector of our community. In a section of law, such as eminent domain, where negotiation rains supreme, having the right rapport can and often does, make the difference in garnering a favorable outcome for my clients.

If you feel that I and my firm, Maguire Lassman, P.A., can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. In all cases, the initial consultation is free and in almost all cases, the entirety of my representation comes at no cost to the client.

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