Can a Property Owner Get Paid More than the Value of the Property in Eminent Domain?

“Hello, my name is Raymer Maguire, I’m a 30 year eminent domain practitioner, that limits his practice to representing property owners and businesses. And the question at hand is, can I as a property owner receive compensation beyond the value of the property? Well, I would say to you that oftentimes, the highest and best use of a property is to be condemned. I think what we mean by that is that if you’re selling it to your neighbor, or if you’re selling it on the open market, you don’t have any of the benefits that eminent domain provides and you may not get as much money as if it was being taken. So, the short of it is, is that there have been times that my clients have told me “you’ve got us a lot more money than we thought we were gonna get”. So I think that converts to saying that, yes, the property owner has received compensation beyond the value of their property.”