If I don’t Own the Property Being Taken can I Recover Money in an Eminent Domain Suit?

Hello, my name is Raymer Maguire, I’m a 30 year eminent domain practitioner and I represent property owners and businesses. And the question at hand is, if I don’t own the property being taken – i.e I rent or lease – can I recover money in an eminent domain suit? The answer is, yes, but there are more restrictions on the answer being yes than there are on all the benefits that in some of these other videos I’ve explained about a taking from a property owner. So, you have a business damage statute, and it is not completely easy to qualify for business damage, but many times I represent businesses that do qualify. There are relocation benefits that also can give you fairly lucrative compensation. So yes, you shouldn’t be concerned about at least investigating what your rights are if you are a tenant on a residential property or a commercial property.