What Regulations have the FL Supreme Court and the FL Constitution Placed on Eminent Domain?

Hello, my name is Raymer Maguire, I’m a 30 year practitioner, that limits his practice to eminent domain. I represent property owners and business interests. And the question at hand is, what types of regulations has the Florida constitution and the Supreme Court of Florida placed on eminent domain? Five that come to mind immediately are:
1) Attorney’s fees have to be paid by the government to the property owner’s attorney; similarly
2)The government has to pay for the expert fees of the property owner;
3) The government has to adhere to, doing an appraisal, making an offer, waiting a certain period of time before filing an eminent domain lawsuit;
4) They need to prove that they need the property; and
5) They need to pay full compensation to the property owner, which can include severance damages.